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Save a trip

Sometimes something trivial – like a loose hose, tripped circuit breaker, or unplugged cord – may be the cause of your appliance’s problem. Find your appliance type below to check for these common problems.

Dishwasher Tips:

  • Dishes not getting clean?
  • Run your sink faucet on 'hot' until the water comes through at its hottest. This ensures the first fill of the wash cycle will have hot water.
  • Make sure that the rotating wash arms are not blocked. This may sometimes be caused by utensils getting in the way. The wash arms should rotate freely by hand.
  • Be sure that the holes in the wash arm are not clogged with debris.
  • General Maintenance:
  • Every month or so, run 1/2 cup of white vinegar through a full cycle. This will clean the inside of built up soap residue. You can also have your glasses in during this cycle as vinegar is great for removing hard water spots!
  • Any cuts or scrapes on the coating of the wire racks can eventually lead to them rusting out. Use rack repair epoxy or clear fingernail polish to cover these scratches.
  • Don't use old detergent, as it does not work effectively.

Refrigerator Tips:

  • Not getting cold:
  • The coils on the bottom, back or top of the fridge should be cleaned at least once a year. Make sure they aren't clogged!
  • Make sure the magnetic door seal is contacting the frame of the fridge around the entire door. A broken seal will allow the cold air to come out
  • If the fridge is not running and the interior lights are not working, make sure the fridge didn't become unplugged.

Oven and Range Tips:

  • Nothing heats:
  • Check your circuit breakers. Many ovens have two circuit breakers. One or both of them may have tripped. If the lights/clock on the oven work but the oven does not heat, only one of the breakers may have tripped.
  • Gas burners won't light:
  • Make sure all holes in the gas burners are free from debris!
  • Oven Temperature is wrong:
  • Make sure that you are waiting 30 minutes before checking the temperature with an analog thermometer. It is typically not a problem if the temperature is off by less than 10 degrees, otherwise a repair is needed.

Clothes Dryer Tips:

  • Clothes taking a long time to dry:
  • Make sure your lint trap isn't full! This should be cleaned out after every dry cycle.
  • Check your vent system. This is a very common cause for dryer problems. Your vent duct should go from the back of the dryer to the outside of the house. Check to make sure the duct is properly attached and also check the outside vent to make sure it is not obstructed or clogged.
  • Check your circuit breaker. Some dryers use two breakers, one or both may have been tripped. If only one has tripped, the dryer may run but the heater will not!